One Word Collaborative Slides Activity for Students


One Word Shared Slides (1)Many people make New Year’s Resolutions – promises of what they will do differently in the new year ahead. There is a movement of choosing one word as a focus for the year ahead instead of lots of little promises or resolutions. This word helps you focus on the kind of person you want to be and it applies to multiple aspects of your life.

I have chosen one word the last several years to guide my year and give me focus. This year, I’ve selected the word DISCIPLINED:

  • I will be disciplined in spending quiet time in God’s Word.
  • I will be disciplined in my exercise and eating habits – making healthy choices a daily habit.
  • I will be disciplined in writing and posting to my blog.
  • I will be disciplined in turning off my electronics and spending quality time with my family.

As I reflected and worked through my one word, I thought about how powerful this process is and how I wanted to share this not only with the teachers on my campus, but with our students, as well.

But this is a complicated process! How can I help to guide students to process through and reflect on one word that would help them to focus all aspects of their lives in the year ahead?

With a Shared Google Slides template, of course! 🙂

In the template below, I’ve tried to break down reflecting, deciding on a word, and applying it into easy to follow steps for students. Check out what I came up with here:

So using this template, my one word of DISCIPLINED would be:

Copy of One Word Shared Slides - with mine

Click here to get a copy of the template and save it to your Google Drive.


Download a copy (clicking the link above) and make changes to make it applicable and relevant for your students.

I suggest presenting the blue slides to the class whole group to explain what the “one word” movement is and guide them through jotting notes and deciding on their words.


Once you’ve edited the template to your liking, click on the blue share button and ensure that anyone with the link can EDIT – this way ALL students will work on the SAME slides presentation at the SAME TIME. Copy the link and share it with students (use google classroom, email, or a url shortener to make this easy).

I’ve made sure there are 30 blank template slides for students to utilize for their own “one word” digital posters. If you have a larger class, be sure to duplicate a few more copies of that template slide before sharing with your class.

Students can utilize the green instruction slides and the yellow example slide to guide them independently as well as reference the blue background information slides as they work independently on their own slide.

I love using collaborative slides because it enables students to see each other’s work and learn from one another even though they are working alone on individual slides.

Please let me know if you are interested in using this template and need help OR if you use it with students, I’d love to see the results! 🙂

Happy New Year!

17 thoughts on “One Word Collaborative Slides Activity for Students

    • meredithakers says:

      Hi Sylvia! I’m an Assistant Principal at an Elementary school. I think it could go pretty young. My 6 year old daughter did it this afternoon with very little help from me. I’ve also seen other teachers use it this week as low as first grade.


  1. tarafarah7 says:

    You are wonderful! Thank you so much – I’m so happy to have found this! Although it is my 20th year teaching, this is our first year EVER having technology for students to use, so everything is new to us. I have a class set of Chromebooks, so I might try this when we read stories in Spanish, having kids take on the role of a specific character in our stories. If all goes well, I think we can use your template often. That way when we do one for ourselves in Jan 2019 (seems so far away, but I’m sure time will fly by!!), we already will have learned how to use collaborative slides, and we will have our minds filled with ideas, examples, etc. You are awesome, and I’m very appreciative of your support and hard work! Yay! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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