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Choice Learning (1)

I was working on preparing for a day-long professional development coming up on my campus. Throughout the year staff members have shared different professional development needs that they would like me to cover when possible. As I began to plan how to cover all of the different topics requested, I realized that not everyone is on the same level or has the same learning needs for each topic. While some teachers need the basics of how to set up a twitter account, others want to know how to effectively use hashtags, and still others are twitter experts. And that’s only the topic of twitter! How could I possibly meet everyone’s needs without having them sit through information they already know or don’t care about?


Choice is the key! So I created the Choice PD Interactive Hyperslides below to cover three important topics that staff members asked for more information on, while allowing them to move at their own pace and only access the information THEY need or want.

I plan to share it with staff in preview mode in order disable some features which will make it harder to accidentally click to the next slide, but instead use the links created within the slides to access one of the three learning choices (Twitter, Google, or Video), the main menu (by clicking on “Choice PD” at the top), or the “Extend your Learning” sections. Click the picture below to experience the hyperslides in preview mode:

Choice PD Interactive Hyperslides

As I was finishing up this PD resource, I realized that it could be a great tool for students to use to REVIEW – not everyone needs to review the same information at the same pace, right? So with a similar Choice Review Hyperslides, students can review only the information they really need – or extend their learning to understand the content more deeply.

In a normal slide show, when in presentation mode or preview mode, if a student clicks anywhere on the slide, it will advance to the next slide. I wanted participants to be taken only to the slide for a specific topic, the “Extend your Learning” links, or back to the main menu screen. In order to make both reviews work in this way, I created boxes and dragged them over large portions of each slide, changed the color of the boxes to transparent (so they would be invisible), and linked each box either right back to the same page (so if participants click on the slide, they will just stay on the same slide), to outside links (for “Extend your Learning”), or to the main menu (if participants click on the title).

All of this work is already done for you in the fully editable Choice Review Template so all you need to do is put in your own topics, subtopics, videos, and links! Check out my tutorial video below for how to edit the Choice Review (with all those transparent boxes you can’t see) and share it with students (in preview mode).

Would love to hear your feedback or see what you create! Thanks for reading!

PS – Feel free to use the Choice PD with your staff if it meets a need!

4 thoughts on “Choice Learning Interactive Hyperslides

  1. Adele Leech says:

    I found your site by accident and have spent 3 hours here already! Amazing and full of excellent ideas. It is a treasure trove and already I have started to think of all the ways I can improve the delivery of my remote lessons.
    A huge, heartfelt “thank you”!

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