Winter Fun Activities!

This is the perfect time of year to add a little winter magic and fun to your lessons! I have come across so many truly AWESOME ideas and templates that I wanted to share a list of my favorites! Use these as-is, or pair with YOUR CONTENT for even more magical fun!!!

Snow Globe GIFs!

Mandi Tolen (@MandiTolen) shared these super cool gifs that you can layer over an image or even another gif to create a moving winter snowglobe! Super fun! Check out her post and download the snowglobe templates here.

Here’s an easy example I made using Mandi’s template and Google Slides! I created a new Slides presentation and then went to File, Page Setup, and changed it to be 10 x 10 (to make it a square). Next, I inserted one of Mandi’s snowglobes. Then, I took a snapshot of myself by going to Insert, Image, Camera. I cropped the image to be the same square shape as the slide, then used the keyboard shortcut ctrl + shift + down arrow to send my picture to the back!

My example is silly fun, but this could also be used to add a little winter magic over any assignment created in slides with words or pictures. Students would just create their words/images over the “glass” part of the snow globe and then send those to the back so they appear to be inside the snow globe. Super fun! Thanks for sharing, Mandi!

Winter Tik Tok Slides Template

This super fun Winter Tik Tok template for Google Slides will get your students excited that you are letting them do Tik Tok at school! Adapted by Brian Briggs (@BriBriggs) from Matt Miller’s Tik Tok Template, this winter version was shared by Jen Giffen (@VirtualGiff) as part of her #12DaysofWinter on twitter.

Emoji Christmas Songs

Another share by Jen Giffen (@VirtualGiff) for #12DaysofWinter, I love how she used emojis, Christmas songs, and my super fun magnifying glass reveal technique (learn more here)!

Grab a copy of this template here (use the blue “Use Template” button in the top corner to add a copy to YOUR google drive) and let students check their own answer by moving the magnifying glass just under the emojis! Great for self-check. Also super-fun on a class touch-screen board!

Candy Cane Lab

Steph Casas (@MsStephCasas) shared her super awesome Candy Cane Lab experiment which can be done in person with students, or shared online for students to complete from home (the instructions are THAT GOOD – students will be able to do this lab at home with items that have on hand – as long as they also have a couple of candy canes). Check it out below and grab a copy of her template here.

6 Googley Winter Activities from Eric Curts

I love this amazing post from Eric Curts (@EricCurts) from back in 2017 where he shared 6 different Winter-themed templates for student use. My favorites are the Build a Snowman activity (pictured below) which asks students to build a snowman with provided parts and then write a story about their snowman and the Winter Rebus Story template that asks students to create a story replacing some words with holiday-themed emojis. I love these two activities because I can just envision students getting sooo excited about writing because they get to create a snowman or add emojis!

Hopefully, you can use one or more of these fun Winter templates with your students this winter season to make your class and your content that much more fun and exciting!

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