Organizing Google Keep with Headers

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I love Google Keep! It is such a FANTASTIC way to keep all your thoughts, jots, and ideas in one spot. I use Google Keep daily to make digital sticky notes – and my favorite feature is that I can search those notes to find all my ideas quickly. 

I like to pin my most used lists – like To-Do lists or current projects – so they will stay at the top of my page rather than rolling into the feed of my most recent notes. To pin your most important notes, click on the tiny pushpin image in the top right corner.

I use images as headers to further organize and distinguish my notes.

To add an image as your header, find an image on google or create your own image (I suggest Canva or Google Drawings) then simply drag the image from your computer onto the note you want it to serve as the header for.

I’ve created templates you can use right away with icons and text as well as blank templates you can personalize.

To get started right away, click on the links below and then the download button in the top right corner. The .png picture files below will download to your computer. Then, simply drag them into the Keep Note that you want them to be the header image for.



Editable Google Drawings:

To create your own personalized images for Keep, grab the Google Drawings templates below and add your own text. Download as .png files when you are done and then drag them onto the Keep note that you would like it to serve as the header for.

Google Drawings Templates by Color:


Get organizing! It’ll only take a click and a drag! 😉


17 thoughts on “Organizing Google Keep with Headers

  1. John Cruz says:

    Even if you are on your phone without the Internet, you can still see all the notes and can edit them, and after the Internet appears, they are synchronized with the cloud.

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