Thanksgiving Resources

Thanksgiving is almost here! I thought you might be able to use the following Thanksgiving resources this week with students (or maybe even next week with your families!):


How about telling your students you are thankful for them with free pass from their teacher? Consider changing up the passes with this editable copy of the Thanksgiving Passes so you can change them up and make them the type of passes you are comfortable giving out to your students!


How about a fun and silly Thanksgiving version of the classic This or That game? You can have students stand on opposite sides of the room, give a hand signal, guess what a partner will say, or just have a debate on which answer is better! Thirty Thanksgiving This or That prompts you can use in your classroom this week (and maybe at home with your family around the table next week) ! 


I have shared this with the parents at my school in the past as a resource to use over the Thanksgiving break with their families, but it could also be used at school as a class meeting or team building activity. Grab the PDF version of these gratitude conversation starters, cut them up, and have students draw one out of a hat and share in small groups. 

Don’t forget about the Thanksgiving Games I shared in the past – there are some fun ones in there for playing around the table with family and friends OR with your students!

One last resource you NEED to use is for NEXT WEEK and that is REST!!! Take time to rest and rejuvenate over the break!

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