Choice PD Bingo!

I’ve heard it said many times that Educator TikTok should count as Professional Development! I have to say that I, too, have learned so much from other educators on TikTok! So… as a principal, I decided to try to make TikTok PD a reality on a recent Professional Development Day on my campus. TikTok is blocked in my district, so I started by finding great TikToks that were also available on YouTube. Then, I found other short-form (about 3 minutes or less) videos on YouTube to create a Choice PD Bingo!

I asked staff to choose five topics that interested them from the Choice PD Bingo Board, watch the short videos, and cover them with a virtual Bingo chip. I asked them to spend time finding a way to apply or use at least one tip they learned. Many staff members shared how much they appreciated and enjoyed this Professional Development, so I wanted to share it for other educators to check out. Check it out below — scroll down to make your own copy so you can use the bingo chips or edit to use the template with your campus! Please let me know if you use it or learn something!

Click here to make a copy of the template to use or tweak!

Please share your thoughts and comments in the comments!

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