#kindfabfeb (1)

Last year, my good friend and fellow principal Jennifer Vest ( @PrincipalVest ) told me about a kindness challenge she created for her staff to encourage them to share kindness with students, family, and each other. As a member of the #momsasprincipals PLN, I often listen and read through the amazing ideas shared by this group of leaders in our Voxer group. This week as I was scrolling through, the topic of conversation was motivating staff through the month of February – which is widely known as a morale slump. One colleague posted a calendar of fun treats and celebrations to help staff have a Fabulous February.

I wholeheartedly believe there is truth in the saying “we rise by lifting others”. Therefore, I set out to combine these two ideas – motivating staff in this tough month by having them focus on providing acts of kindness for others. We are going to use Kindness to make it a Fabulous February! Jump on board and join in the #KindFabFeb Challenge!

#kindfabfeb (1)

Grab a copy of the image to share with others and play along by covering each square with a digital sticker in twitter as you complete them! Boost your own morale by focusing on OTHERS!

2 thoughts on “#KindFabFeb

  1. Jessica Howell says:

    I love this and cannot wait to begin tomorrow!!! You are so motivating and encouraging! Thank you for all that you do!

    [cid:d33eebce-55f9-47df-b965-f2f08f99f88f] ________________________________


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