When Educators Disagree…

File_000 (3)We are all in this education business for kids. That’s why we come to work each day. And even though for all of us the overriding goal is to do what’s best for our students, sometimes we disagree on what’s best in our state, our district, our school, on our team, or in our classrooms.

When you disagree with a decision a superior, a teammate or a colleague makes, don’t hold a grudge. Don’t act mad and indifferent around that person. That won’t change the situation – it may even make it worse.

Work to get along with the person with whom you disagree.

THAT is what’s best for kids.

As Steven Covey says, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Try to see things from the other person’s perspective before trying to get others to see from yours.

THAT is what’s best for kids.

Maintain a positive presupposition, assuming that the other person believes they are doing what is right for students, too.

I’m not saying to ignore what you think is right or to remain silent. Not at all. I am suggesting that the best way to get your point across is not with a poor attitude toward the person you disagree with.

Our students need us to work together – and to work together well. Not only are their little eyes watching us and learning how we handle conflict all the time, but we can’t make the best decisions for students if we aren’t collaborating and putting all of our best ideas and input together for the benefit our students and our schools.

Ideas shared in an angry tone of voice at inappropriate times most often get pushed aside.

Ideas shared in a kind tone at appropriate times most often get taken to heart.


Share your concerns when you disagree. Be an advocate for what you think is right. Continue to work on growing your relationship with those who have opposing views. Seek to see from their point of view. Learn and grow through the situation.

It takes all of us working together – giving our best attitudes – seeking to be kind to our colleagues – to draw out the best ideas through true collaboration in our schools.

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