A New Twist on the Positive Note using VOXER

A New Twist on the Postive Note

Lately, I’ve started using voxer to send voice messages of praise and appreciation to students, staff, and parents. If you aren’t using Voxer, it is a walkie-talkie app that you use to send voice recordings. If your intended recipient has the app, you can send your voice message of encouragement directly to them through the app, but even if they don’t have the app, you can record your voice and then email the recording to them. I have seen these messages have a HUGE impact – at times, bringing others to tears as they hear the honesty and sincerity in my voice that sometimes does not come across in writing.

Here’s an example:


Why it works:

Recipients hear YOUR VOICE: your tone, your emphasis, your sincerity – your message is less likely to be misconstrued

It’s fast! I can talk a lot faster than I can write. And unlike a phone call, you don’t have to wait for the phone to ring or the voicemail message to play.

It’s immediate. You can quickly record a message immediately after you notice a great thing you want to compliment (before the busyness of the day distracts you and the compliment is lost).

It’s lasting. Your recipient can play your message over and over and even share it with others.

It’s impactful. It is meaningful to hear someone give you praise! For some people, it feels awkward face to face. Sending a recorded message allows recipients to enjoy the message without worrying about their response because they can listen in private.


How to do it:

  • Download the Voxer app for Apple or Android or go to Voxer.com
  • Create a login if you don’t already have one
  • Start a conversation with yourself or use the “My Notes” section
  • I type the person’s name before I start the message so that if I get interrupted and don’t have time to email them that second (or don’t have their email address in front of me) I can figure out which message is for which person quickly and easily.
  • Press and hold the orange “walkie-talkie” button to record your message
  • Send the message via email:
    • From the app: Tap the arrow next to the message. Select the share button (square with an arrow pointing up) and choose your email to compose a message right away or the copy button and paste it into your email.
    • From the web: Hover your mouse to the right of your message and more buttons will appear. Click on the share button (looks kind of like a greater than sign) and choose share message. Then, either select “Share via Email” or “Copy link” and paste it into your email.
  • My email messages are short and sweet. They usually look something like this:
    • Mrs. Smith, Please click the link below to hear a voice message from me! (paste link here) Love, Mrs. Akers

Whether you are sending a voxer message to a parent, colleague, or student, sending your voice with voxer is easy, meaningful, and it has great impact!

For more ideas on connecting with staff, check out this post on 5 Meaningful Ways Administrators can Connect with Staff Members.

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