EDU Podcast Tasting + Podcasts & Pedometers for PD with Choice and Movement!

Podcasts & Pedometers Graphic

We are offering a new kind of PD this spring at Ault Elementary inspired by an idea shared by Tricia Reilly @PrincipalReilly at EdCamp Cy-Fair. Instead of a standard “sit and get” we are encouraging staff to get up and move as they listen to an educational podcast of their choice – taking care of their minds and bodies during this stressful time of year!

We are planning to offer two “Podcasts and Pedometers” sessions per week – one before school and one after school – for 30 minutes each over the next 5 weeks. Staff will check in with an Assistant Principal before they start and then walk around the school – getting their steps in – as they listen to an education podcast of their choice.

I personally love learning by listening to awesome education podcasts during morning runs and when I’m alone in the car. I am often asked what I listen to and for podcast recommendations. So, in an effort to share my EDU podcast love, and to give new listeners to education podcasts a place to start, I’ve created a little podcast tasting! I’ve selected 7 of my favorite education podcasts and given a sampling of a few episodes of each. Hopefully, those that interact with the menu will be able to find a topic and a podcast that they can connect with and learn from!




Participants of “Podcasts and Pedometers” will be given access to the EDU Podcast Tasting Menu, but will also be free to choose any other podcast that discusses education content.

In order to keep track of how many hours credit to give participating staff members, teachers will complete a “Podcasts and Pedometers Exit Ticket” briefly summarizing what they learned and how they might apply it.

If you’re interested in utilizing or tweaking this Podcasts and Pedometers EXIT TICKET, you can snag a copy of your own by clicking here!

We are so excited to get this new form of PD underway to care for our minds and bodies with Podcasts and Pedometers!




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