#MakeDecemberMagic Twitter Challenge

#MakeDecemberMagic (2)

Want to keep kids engaged in your learning and not dreaming of Santa and presents? Need some motivation for the weeks leading up to the Winter Break?

Take the #MakeDecemberMagic Challenge! Not only will it fuel you with ideas of what to tweet (if you’re new to twitter), but it will challenge you to keep things fresh, positive, and fun for your students so that you’re not just trudging through until the break, but you are *hopefully* motivated to #MakeDecemberMagic for students!

#MakeDecemberMagic Twitter Challenge (2).png

Join in the fun by tweeting out ways you #MakeDecemberMagic in the ways described above. Be sure to use the #MakeDecemberMagic hashtag so that others can see your tweets and be inspired by your ideas!

On my campus, we’ve asked staff to tweet using BOTH the #MakeDecemberMagic hashtag AND our school hashtag so that we can easily search for both and see who is participating on our campus. For every tweet from staff members containing both hashtags, staff will be entered into a drawing for some pretty sweet prizes such as:

  • Wireless Mice
  • Professional Learning Books
  • Gift Cards to local restaurants
  • Lunch/Recess Duty Coverage
  • Sonic Drink
  • Lunch Taxi (we’ll go pick up your hot fresh lunch for you)
  • Snack basket for your team
  • Duty coverage
  • and more!

If you’d like a copy of the graphic above:

Please join in the fun! Take the challenge, follow the hashtag, and share the amazing ways you #MakeDecemberMagic for students!

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