Blended Learning Kindness Lesson Checklist

Blended Kindness (1)

Jumping into a blended learning checklist for the first time can seem super scary! Letting the students complete tasks at their own pace?! How will you keep students accountable? Allowing students to move around the room and chose the right place for themselves? Will they complete their work or just goof off? Allowing them to go in any order they choose? Will the class turn to loud chaos?

These are the most common fears!

I wanted to create an example checklist that anyone could use in their classroom to test drive some aspects of implementing a blended learning checklist with a low chance of failure, so I chose a topic that could be utilized in ANY classroom – no matter the subject matter or age group.

What can we all benefit from learning more about? KINDNESS!

Check out the example lesson below:

To grab a COPY to tweak, change those purple placeholders, and make it appropriate for your age of students and your classroom procedures, CLICK HERE!

You can print this for each student as a paper copy that they can keep with them as they literally check off the items, or you can allow it to serve as a hyperdoc that they complete online with all the links they need included all in one place.

In my opinion, a great blended learning lesson in any subject includes:

  • independent practice
  • collaboration
  • mini-lesson with the teacher
  • adaptive technology

This example lesson does not include a technology that adapts to students as they interact with it. So, to make this lesson even better, I could include a Quizizz with scenarios that my age group of students may encounter and they need to choose the kind response. Quizizz is a great example because it gives immediate feedback to students if they have chosen a kind response or not.

Other great elements to include in a blended lesson are:

  • writing
  • reading
  • discussion

Remember to include what portions of the lesson are required and what are choices. Also, include accountability – evidence that the student has completed the task. For example, in the kindness lesson, I can hold students accountable for the

  • THANK YOU – by seeing if they turned in a card
  • WRITE – by checking to see that they got a classmate’s initials
  • COLLABORATE – by seeing the finished poster product
  • COMMIT TO KINDNESS – by checking the Google Form submissions

And remember, not every aspect MUST have the same level of accountability.

What is your best advice for implementing Blended Learning Checklists so that students have choice in their pace, place, and path? What would you change about the kindness lesson to create an even better blended learning lesson? Please share in the comments!

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