#ConfChallenge – A Twitter Challenge to Complete While Attending a Conference!


ConfChallenge-FeaturedPic-skinnyFor educators, summer brings a time of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation, but it also brings a season of professional development, including attending conferences! I am looking forward to attending the RRR Conference next week in my district, Cy-Fair ISD, ISTE17 later this month, and presenting at CFISD’s Digital Learning Conference in July.

When I think about the conferences that I have gotten the most out of, I think not only of the insights I gained from sessions I attended in person, but also the fun that I had with teammates, new connections I made with attendees, and learning that was shared with me while standing in line, eating lunch, or on twitter.

This year, I have the privilege of being a summer school principal, causing me to miss some of the RRR conference to prepare. I’ve been thinking about how I can still get the most out of the conference – learn from the sessions and share in the fun – without being there in person.

I also want my fellow conference-attendees to enjoy all aspects of the conference, share their learning, and benefit from others’ shared learning as well. So… I came up with a challenge to *hopefully* get conference attendees to share their best notes, learning, and resources, and also meet new people by having a little fun!!! Are you game?

#ConfChallenge (1)

Instructions for meeting the #ConfChallenge:

  • Save the picture above so that you can include it in your tweets and other conference members will know what in the world you are doing
  • Tweet the #ConfChallenge picture and tag fellow attendees to extend the challenge
  • Include #ConfChallenge and the hashtag of the conference you are attending (ex: #ISTE17) in each tweet meeting one of the challenges
  • Tag people in your photos, notes, boomerangs, etc (presenters, fellow attendees) so they can see what you’re posting and join in on the fun

Happy conference going!

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