Start a Voxer Book Study!

If you haven’t started using Voxer to connect with your PLN – download it today! Voxer is like having a digital walkie-talkie in your pocket – allowing you to communicate with your PLN and actually hear their voices without the need for everyone to be available at the same time. Think twitter with your voice! Check messages and reply when you are available.

I am a member of several different Voxer groups – one to connect with my school admin team, one for the #TXed twitter chat team, another for the Blended Learning team of teachers at my school, and yet another for the edcamp CyFair leadership team.

Recently, a colleague and I decided to start a book study together on Voxer so that we could discuss the book throughout the summer even when we couldn’t get together. We decided to open it up to other members of our PLN by just asking a few people each that we thought might be interested and telling them to feel free to invite others to participate. During a recent twitter chat, several group members mentioned that they would be participating in a voxer book study over the summer to continue to grow professionally, so we shared the information and gained a few more participants!

Once everyone’s books arrived, we assigned chapters per week. We did NOT come up with a group leader or facilitator or have someone come up with reflective questions for us to discuss. Instead, we utilized the following group norms.

Voxer Book Study Group Norms:

  • Read the assigned chapters by Saturday of each week
  • No reading ahead! Let’s all stay at the same pace, keeping the information from each chapter fresh on our minds
  • Share a thought, quote, or connection ANYTIME during the week
  • Validate or connect to other group members comments


To keep our conversation rich and avoid sharing the same types of information each week, I shared a few prompt ideas I had with the group in the form of a participation guide:


So now you have all the tools you need to start a Voxer book study! Go download Voxer, choose a book you are interested in reading, invite a few members of your PLN, have them invite others, share an invitation on social media and feel free to use the graphics above to help you get started!

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