Personalized Scatch-offs Templates

Scratch-off graphic

I’ve seen it all over Pinterest… a crazy concoction that teachers can whip up to create

their own scratch off cards… too much work for me… until NOW! Have you seen these stickers?

Now you can create your own personalized scratch-off cards in just a simple peel and stick? YES! That’s what I’m talking about!!!

Valentines is just around the corner, so I’m using this idea to create these Valentine Lotto tickets for my staff:

I created them in black and white because… I don’t know about you… but on my campus printing in color should be used sparingly… and I’m printing on pink and red cardstock.

Want a copy for your students and staff? You can grab a copy of the fully editable template to type in your prizes before you print. Then comes the magic. Add the scratch-off sticker on top of your prize message to turn it into a scratch-off prize ticket! When your recipient scratches off, the message is clearly seen underneath!

No crazy teacher potion and hours of work needed – just stickers!!! These are the best thing ever! So fun! This Valentine “lotto” ticket is my first time using these stickers, but they can work for so many other occassions! My friend and colleague Karen Richardson (@karendiane3) used it recently to assign partners and share instructions! What a fun way to spice up a meeting! This made me brainstorm several other uses in this template.

Ready to get started? Get a copy of the Valentine template and Generic templates here and get the links to the stickers I used below.

The great news is – by utilizing the template above and ordering the stickers through amazon prime, you can have this ready go in 2 days! 🙂

Here is the link to the scratch-off stickers I am using in gold:

More of a silver-tone kind of person? Here’s the link to the silver version:

Pro Tip: Provide your participants with paperclips or coins for ease of scratching off (and so students don’t end up with messy fingernails! ).

Scratch-offs can be used to select a winner, to pair people up in a fun way, or to give away prizes. Are your wheels turning? How might you use this on your campus or in your classroom? Please share in the comments!

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