7 Treasures from TCEA 2018

7 Treasures from TCEA Graphic

I was so blessed to get to not only attend the #TCEA Conference in Austin, TX last week but also to present about running Twitter Chats alongside the #TXed leadership team. I was so impressed by the amazing educators who shared not only theory and tools but also real-life ideas for implementation. Here are 7 treasures I gained from TCEA:


Lesson Paths 

  • Shared by @simplyedtech Jessica Powelldownload
  • Create a playlist of content that students can complete in the order they want
  • You can include websites, videos, quizzes, text, etc.
  • Easy
  • Free


Adobe Spark Video

  • Shared by @simplyedtech Jessica Powellsparkvideo
  • Create short animated videos in minutes.
  • Combine text, images, icons and themes in a presentation, then speak your voice over the story in order to create the video.
  • Select from professional-quality soundtracks and cinematic motion
  • Create high-quality impressive videos in minutes
  • I remember using this as an app on my iPad when it was called Adobe Voice
  • Love the updates since that time and that it works so great on Chromebooks for school!
  • Students can use to explain a concept or present



  • Shared by @ECCDigitalCoach Jo Jacobson, @VanAalsburgJ Jared Van Aalsburg, and @kuskeedu Mark Kuskewebcam
  • Website to access your webcam and record video
  • No need for extension or software download
  • Parent website 123apps.com has lots of other free online tools, too!
  • Great way for students to record video and show what they know




  • Shared by @lesliefisher Leslie Fisher
  • A URL shortener that gives you a random word instead of nonsense letters
  • Example: yellkey.com/smile rather than goo.gl/h1Din6 (both random examples – not real sites)
  • Specify the time frame you want to keep it active, then it expires
  • Great for quickly and easily sharing a site


Kahoot – Challenge Mode

  • Shared by @lesliefisher Leslie Fisher
  • kahootOkay, so Kahoot is not new to me – but Challenge Mode was an exciting new feature I did not know about!
  • Allows you to send a kahoot quiz out to students for them to play independently
  • Shows both questions and answers at same time
  • Students can play at their own pace



Magic Rainbow Unicorns Add-on

  • I actually came across this one in the #tcea hashtag feed during the conference
  • I can’t find the original twitter post, but thank you to whoever shared this – I am having loads of fun with this one!
  • Enable this Add-on to change text color to RAINBOW in Google Docs!
  • Does it make me more efficient or up critical thinking for students… no…
  • Do I LOVE IT? YES!!!
  • Super fun!


Your Warm Cookie Awaits 

  • Shared by @shareski Dean Shareskicookie.gif
  • Dean shared that even though it doesn’t cost a hotel much to offer a warm fresh cookie at check-in, it is a nice surprise that makes you immediately delighted with the company and want to come back.
  • It is surprisingly awesome.
  • I immediately started to think, “How can I offer a “warm cookie” on my campus or at specific events that will delight and surprise my students/parents/community when they enter?”
  • How can you?


I learned so many other awesome tools and tips, but these were definitely my favorites.

I hope you also found something to treasure in this post!

What were your biggest takeaways? Have you come across anything “surprisingly awesome” lately? Please share in the comments!


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