3 Ways You can Impact Your School Culture TODAY


Often, when we think about school culture, it can feel like something we have no control over. This is a myth! The truth is: a school’s culture is created by every person in the building.  So if you’re looking to improve the culture on your own campus, take these three simple steps to make an impact on your school  TODAY.

Choose Positivity

Start each day by choosing your own attitude and not letting others bring you down. Positivity is contagious! This single choice to focus on the positive can create a ripple effect as your positivity gets passed on to those you interact with, and then those they interact with, and so on, and so on. A great way to tangibly pass on your positivity is by leaving a teammate a positive note. Try writing a teammate a card or even leaving a note of encouragement on a sticky note. Choose your attitude and don’t let the events of the day or the attitudes of others affect you.

Boost Collaboration

Sometimes it can feel like we are working all alone even though we are surrounded by students and colleagues at school. Encourage teamwork and sharing of ideas by asking for ideas, using colleagues ideas, and sharing your colleagues’ ideas. Here’s what I mean: Ask for advice and insight from others, even if you think you could tackle it on your own. Then, be sure to use some of your colleagues’ ideas – even if you put your own spin on them. Now, this next part is crucial – brag to others in your building about the ideas your colleagues have shared with you. This is how you can create a collaboration domino effect. Tell others about how you collaborated and the benefits. Recommend that teammates go to other teammates for advice or help. For example, you might say, “Hey, I think Susan knows a lot about using Flipgrid. Why don’t you ask her for help!”You can impact your school’s culture today by taking these steps to increase collaboration.

Encourage Professional Growth

The most exciting and engaging schools I have been a part of have been those in which part of the school culture is seeking out professional growth and sharing new learning with colleagues. To make this excitement and sharing of knowledge part of your school culture, try inviting others to attend professional development sessions with you. Even if they don’t attend, share professional learning that you are excited about and where and how you learned it. Listen to a great podcast where you found the perfect idea for an upcoming lesson? Don’t keep it to yourself! Share the idea with your team AND share the podcast where you found the idea. Read a great blog post? Email the link to your team! Your passion for learning may not catch right away, but keep at it, and soon others will be sharing their excitement for professional growth with you, as well.


The truth is one person CAN make a difference in school culture. Take action to make an impact on your campus culture and turn the tide to increase positivity, collaboration, and professional growth. Impact your school’s culture TODAY.


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