Positive Incentive Chart

Positive Incentive Chart (2)

In preparation for Day One of our emergency school closure due to COVID-19, I created a simple behavior chart to encourage and motivate my personal children to complete learning tasks and chores in order to earn game, screen, and toy time. I didn’t want them to start the day begging for my phone or vegged out in front of the TV… I was hopeful they would be happy to complete some learning activities with me. Both of my kids were REALLY excited when I showed them this chart (ages 8 and 4) and… we are mid-way through day one… and it is working great for us so far!

Positive Incentive Chart

If you’ve never used a chart like this before, here’s how it works:

  • Have your kiddo pick which prize they want to work for – tablet time, TV, toys, or video games (the chart is fully editable at this link – so feel free to change the rewards to things that YOUR kids want!)
  • Each time they complete a task you assign, share kindness, follow directions, or impress you in some way, tell them to check off a box! (This is when I hear, “YESSSSSS!” as my kids run to the kitchen to mark a box off of their chart)
  • When they complete all 5 boxes, set a timer for their chosen activity. I am using 15 minutes right now, but you could do more or less based on your kids and your schedule.

Remember to look for reasons to celebrate and praise your kids! This is why charts like this are so effective, in my opinion. Yes, it helps to shape the behavior of the kids involved by reinforcing the behaviors we want to see… BUT… it also helps to shape the adult behavior to look for and name those positive things your kids are doing. It really helps EVERYONE be more positive!

Here is the PDF of the chart just as I created it for my kids.

Here is the editable google slides link that you can change and tweak for your kids!


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