Rainbow Doodle Backgrounds and Frames

I have a hard time stopping. Relaxing is difficult for me. I somehow feel guilt over not getting anything accomplished. I too often forget that REST should be on my to-do list. Doing something just for sheer enjoyment is good for me (and you) and SHOULD be thought of as an accomplishment for my well-being. Something I really enjoy doing is doodling and creating backgrounds and graphics for use in future google slides presentations. Over the last week, I spent time resting and relaxing as I doodled away on my iPad creating the following Rainbow Doodle backgrounds and Frames (some inspired by my children’s choices and suggestions):

This presentation gives you an overview of even more of the elements and background papers included in this free for personal use set:

Now that I had fun relaxing and doodling, I uploaded all of these designs into a google drive folder so that I can easily pull in these background papers and frames whenever I want them! Here’s what makes this even easier – Google drive is searchable! When I am in a Google Slides presentation and I want one of these Rainbow Doodle backgrounds or frames, I can easily go to

  • Insert
  • Image
  • From Google Drive

and a side bar will pop up on the right side of the screen allowing me to search within my Google Drive for the image or images I want to insert. I can search for meredithakers.com (because that is part of the title of every image included in this set), or I can search for the name of the folder I saved them to (Rainbow Doodle) and all of these images will pop up so that I can insert them! Let me show you what I mean:

Are you ready to add all of the Rainbow Doodle backgrounds and frames to your drive so you can try it out?

Click on this link for access to the folder where all of the images are stored.

Look at the location of the files near the top of the window, just under the “Search in Drive” bar.

Two-finger click or Right click on the folder name “MeredithAkers.com Rainbow Doodle Backgrounds and Frames” then select “Add Shortcut to Drive” so that you have access in your personal Google Drive account. This will add a shortcut to the folder that contains all of these images in your “My Drive” – you can move this shortcut into any folder you want to get organized and it will still be searchable so that you can find and insert the images into your creations.

This set of backgrounds and frames is free to use in all of your personal creations as long as you don’t charge others for them. Please reach out for permission if you are going to use them commerically.

If you use parts of the Rainbow Doodle backgrounds and frames set in some of your creations, please share! I’d love to see how they are being used! Tag me on twitter @meredithakers or comment here with your creations! 🙂

Love the frames, but the backgrounds aren’t your style??? Here’s a different set of backgrounds that may interest you!

I shared at the top of this post that one way I have found that actually helps me stop and relax and do something I enjoy is to doodle! Help me relax with some of your ideas! What style of backgrounds, frames, or graphics do you wish I would work on next? I need some inspiration for my next set of doodles! 🙂 Please respond in the comments!

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