Blended Learning Resources Log

BL Reources Graphic

A few days ago, Megan Pucket (@aggiepucket) tweeted:

Loved this idea and immediately knew I wanted to create a log of my own and one to collaborate on with the Blended Learning Team on my campus.

If you’d like to grab a copy of the template to track your own favorite¬†Blended Learning tools and/or collaborate with others on your campus, click here or on the graphic below:


But why stop there? We are better together!¬† Wouldn’t we all benefit from learning how others are implementing Blended Learning Strategies on other campuses?

Call for Collaboration!

Please contribute to the COLLABORATIVE Blended Learning Resources Document! We can all learn from each other! Please share your ideas and put your name or twitter handle in the parenthesis (@meredithakers) after your contribution so that others can ask questions or share a shout out if they try it out in their classroom – thanks to you! Please help us to grow this list of tools, tried and proven strategies for implementation, and ideas for future use!


Remember not to delete any ideas from the COLLABORATIVE document – it belongs to ALL OF US. But once it is full of great ideas, feel free to “File” “Make a copy” to edit your own personal version.

Please collaborate and share with others who have great ideas that can help us all!

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